Join us on May 11th at The Albert 8pm when Ian France will be talking to us about locations around the World where you can investigate the mystery, lure and beauty of the hidden gems of caves and mines.

One of the locations he will be covering is the Cenotes in Mexico where we have a trip planned in Jan 2018, so this will give you a chance to see what you are missing if you are not planning on joining us! Mexico Trip Details 

Ian will also be able to give you an idea on what is involved training wise to venture into caves and mines, the best locations for beginners as well as the more advanced, and what lured him to evolve from a recreational diver into one of the most experienced and respected¬†instructors for the ‘dark side’

Biog: Ian France is a OC & CCR Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, Trimix, and Advanced Cave Diving Instructor, working throughout the world. Ian France provides OC & CCR Cave and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level through the world’s premier diver training agency, IANTD.