I’ve Not Dived During COVID, Does My Gear Really Need Servicing?

“I’ve not dived during COVID, does my kit need servicing?”  This is a question that we’re increasingly being asked, as we “learn to live with COVID-19” and diving and overseas travel begin to open up again.  With SCUBA cylinders, the simple answer is that there is no relaxation of the standard testing regime or “O2 [...]

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Social Night – Basic Equipment Maintenance March 9th

At our social night Ian will be taking us through some basic kit maintenance. This session is NOT going to turn you into a servicing technician, nor do we want you all pulling your regs apart and tinkering with them! However we will look at simple things even I am capable of doing, and also [...]

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Regulators – How they Work and Why they Don’t!

At our next Social Night on May 14th we will have a short talk by Ian (yes you did read that correctly!) Ian will be taking you through Regulators: How they work Why sometimes they don't work What happens during a regulator service The pictures below don't look very pretty .... and last week yes [...]