Yes it is official, Aquanaut are now the proud owners of Amphibian Sports in Norwood.

Amphibian Sports was originally started by Ali MacCleod and Peter Hines back in 1981 and has been at the centre of the London dive scene ever since. Amphibian was started completely from scratch by keen divers who felt there was a need for a proper dive shop in South London, catering for all the local BSAC clubs. The shop has changed hands a few times within the last 37 years, but the focus has continued to be customer focussed and run by enthusiasts who love diving.

The Aquanaut Team are excited for the shop’s future, taking Amphibian forward with changing trends in the industry and making more friends, whilst continuing to look after the existing loyal customers. Divers and future divers with all training agencies are welcomed and we look to build the retail and training side of the business whilst continuing to service dive equipment with detail and care.