Join us on 8th June at The Norbiton from 8pm to find out about why the East Anglian coast is one of the best kept secrets in UK diving.

Perception is that it is considered to be very poor visibility and nothing to see. Although true in some locations and for some months of the year, if you know how to take advantage of the conditions you can be in for some very special diving!

From a Sunken medieval city, historic protected wreck sites, ship losses in the thousands from two Anglo Dutch wars (17th century), WW1, WW11 and many victims of the continually shifting sand banks not to mention the fabulous chalk gullies for those that like the critters, there is something for everyone.
The best thing is that nearly all this is within recreational dive limits, most from 5 – 40 m.

Our presenter for the evening, Andy Rose, is a former dive centre owner and has represented one of the best known makes of scuba equipment and worldwide training agencies. Most importantly he  has been diving the East Anglian coast between the Thames and the Wash for nearly 25 years. He has been involved in several archaeological projects over that time as both a recreational and professional diver. He is the current licence holder on the Dunwich Bank Historic Wreck site which, from the gun recovered in the 90’s, could date to around the time of the Spanish Armada.

Andy will give you information and an insight into how to make the most of diving this coast line.