Reinventing what a light is capable of, the GoBe platform has been designed to allow for interchangeable lightheads so you can build the perfect lighting system. Fully waterproof to 120m, but also fully usable on land – so makes the ideal adventure torch!

GoBeCharges on a USB, so no need to travel with bulky adapters.

There are 2 main choices of body:

700 lumen and 500 lumen

and then a range of inter-changeable heads including:

  • Spot
  • Wide
  • Focus (red night vision – sneak up on shy under water animals!)
  • Search (Signal Beam)
  • Nightsea (fluorescence under water)

Other accessories available include a range of mounts and camera trays compatible with the GoPro range.

You can come into the shop and have a play with them to see what you think – we like!

GoBe’s versatile and powerful system gives scuba, bike and outdoor adventurers a light that is the perfect tool for a wide range of activities from probing the Ocean depths to exploring the most extreme land based terrain.