In-House Scuba Equipment Servicing

Fast turnaround & Accountable service

We can service most brands of equipment in-house. Our qualified, skilled servicing technicians are able to carry out all your servicing needs including: Cylinder visual and hydro testing, and O2 Cleaning Regulator servicing and repairs BCD servicing and repairs Computer and watch battery replacement and pressure testing Dry suit repairs and pressure testing

Need something in a hurry?
We offer a ‘rush service’ on many items for a small additional fee.

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Servicing Price List

Cylinder Inspection

Visual Inspection inc valve £45.00
Hydro Inspection inc valve £57.50
O2 Clean inc valve £49.50
Viz & O2 inc valve £59.00
Hydro & O2 inc valve £67.50
Fast Turnaround £15.00 per cylinder

Twinset Inspection

Visual Inspection inc valve & manifold £99.00
Hydro Inspection inc valve & manifold £125.00
O2 Clean inc valve & manifold £110.00
Viz & O2 inc valve & manifold £127.50
Hydro & O2 inc valve & manifold £140.00
Fast Turnaround £20.00 per twinset

Additional Cylinder Costsn

Extra breakdown/assembly* £15.00 per item
Internal Cleaning (light rust) £25.00
Internal Shot Blast £50.00
Zinc Painting (small areas) £20.00
Complete External Refurb POA


* A cylinder consists of handle & boot. A twinset consists of bands & boo


Regulator Servicing

Standard 1st, 2nd & Octo £115.00
Premium*  1st, 2nd & Octo £150.00
Standard 1st & 2nd stages £90.00
Premium* 1st & 2nd stages £115.00
O2 Clean full set (at time of service) £30.00
O1st & 2nd only (at time of service) £20.00
O2 Clean only (if not being serviced) £80.00
Fast Turnaround £20.00 per reg

Dive Computer Battery Change

Suunto D Series £60.00
Suunto Zoop/Vyper/Hel02 £40.00
Suunto Stinger/Spyder £60.00
Suunto Transmitter/POD £35.00
Mares/Oceanic/Scubapro/Cressi POA
UWATEC (3-4 weeks) £130.00
Fast Turnaround £10.00 per computer


* Premium brands – Atomic, Apeks Flight, Poseidon, Oceanic, Hollis, Zeagle & Sherwood


BCD/Wing Inspection

Standard BCD/Wing Inspection £45.00
Premium* BCD/Wing Inspection £65.00
Aqualung i3/Mares MRS BCD £80.00
Fast Turnaround £15.00 per BCD

Drysuit Servicing

Latex Neck Seal Replacement £60.00
Neo Neck Seal Replacement £80.00
Latex Wrist Seal Replacement £55.00
Neo Wrist Seal Replacement £70.00
Mares/Oceanic/Scubapro/Cressi POA
Pressure Test £40.00
Zip Change POA
Boots/Socks £70.00 (plus price of boots or socks)
Pockets £30.00 for 1 | £50.00 for 2
Kubi Glove Installation £25.00 | £65.00 for glued in ring

  * Premium includes Buddy BCD’s & Air2