Get up close and personal with aquatic life! Gaze down from the surface, or venture further by making frequent surface dives to interact with the ocean.

Visit our Kingston store or Shop Online to see our extensive range of masks, snorkels and fins. Our online shop details our actual shop stock, so you can see online what you can purchase in store.


Learn to snorkel and skin dive effectively

The best part is learning to use your mask, fins and snorkel so you don’t miss a moment of underwater action. Whether you’re looking at your local freshwater lake or the big blue ocean, you’ll have a new perspective on just about every body of water.

Selecting the right equipment for you

Selecting the right snorkelling equipment can improve your in-water experience immensely. In the Aquanaut shop we will happily spend time with you, giving you the best advice to select the right equipment for you. You will be able to try on the different masks, fins, suits etc to see which is the best match for you.


Buying Guides

Everything you need to know about choosing the right snorkeling kit from Aquanaut – check out our helpful buying guides: