Purchasing a drysuit is a major investment and probably the largest expenditure you will make in scuba diving gear. Choosing the right suit, but also having it specified to meet your requirements  exactly is crucial so that you end up with a suit that not only fits your purpose but also feels ‘right’, meaning you can enjoy many more cold water dives for years to come.

We deal in the major brands including Santi, Bare, Fourth Element, Otter, Avatar, Scuba Force and Azdry therefore offering an exceptional range to suit most budgets and diving preferences.

Our stores both offer an extremely detailed bespoke consultation service to ensure you spend your money wisely.

To discuss with one of our specialist staff you can book an appointment for a bespoke consultation where you will be walked through the features of our range of suits and their customizable options.

We also provide a full measuring service ensuring your suit will fit you perfectly. We then liaise with the manufacturers directly for you regarding ordering and delivery.

If you would like to come into store and be fitted for your perfect drysuit, please let us know in advance so we can make sure we have the right member of staff to give you the best one on one service.

AVATAR is a Polish based brand, who initially focussed on developing a high quality, breathable but affordable product, aimed at both the recreational and technical scuba diving markets. In 2023 they added to this with the Airon suit, which is even more durable. SNT Marine, from Gdynia, Poland, distribute and work in cooperation with the Santi Diving company. Their aim is to offer a simple yet affordable alternative to the market for those who want to start their adventures in drysuit diving, replace their existing suit with something lightweight and modern, or simply need to buy themselves a new, spare, hardwearing suit. Their suits are available in a broad range of ‘off the peg’ sizes. Made to measure is not available. They sew in Poland, using high-quality materials, and have exceptional production standards that you would usually expect to be reserved for premium products.

Our Summary: Simple, lightweight but hard-wearing, functional suits, that are breathable and made from high-quality materials at an economically attractive price.
AZDRY have many years of experience as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of drysuits in the world. AZDRY was formed by the creators of the original Aquion brand (1984-1998) as a new venture to continue pushing the boundaries of drysuit design and manufacturing. They design suits to be used by both sport and professional diving and they have huge experience in making suits for the military, fire, and rescue services. All their manufacturing is done in the UK, and this is paramount to their company ethos. We know many of the staff by name and can discuss with them individual customer requirements and specifics. Granted, their marketing is not the most modern and attractive, however, thankfully the quality of suits speaks for itself. They produce a broad range of membrane suits with different material options. Suits can be made to measure and tailored to individual specifications. Our Summary: We use Azdry suits in our dive school so we know they can withstand the brutality of student divers! The suits have proven to be comfortable, flexible, and totally reliable.
Originating in a small factory on the coast of British Columbia, Bare is the brainchild of 2 divers determined on crafting a drysuit capable of surviving the frigid waters of the Canadian Pacific Ocean. So Bare understand managing cold! A stalwart of the cold water dive industry since 1972 their innovations extend to drysuits and wetsuits and include advancements like their impenetrable No-Stitch Technology, Ultrawarmth Technology, and their most recent breakthrough, the X-Mission, described by Bare as the best drysuit they’ve ever made …. And we would agree. Bare approach everything from the diver’s perspective, taking into account specific environmental conditions and body movements in all possible situations. Getting the right fit in your suit is absolutely vital to the safety, comfort, and overall success of your dive. Bare offer a range of membrane and neoprene drysuits ‘off the peg’ but also provide a made-to-measure and adjustment service to standard sizes. We hold a number of the X-Mission and Sentry suits in stock for you to try for size, as well as the new lightweight, breathable Aqua Trek Evo. Our Summary: Superb, hard-wearing, attractive-looking suits designed to keep the diver warm, whilst providing exceptional mobility.
Fourth Element began in 1999 with a conversation over a post-dive beer in Sharm -El-Sheikh, Egypt. Their technical range is based on the principles of performance, innovation, and function. Using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and designs, the Fourth Element Technical range revolutionises thermal protection to keep you diving for longer. Their vision is to be the global leading dive and ocean sports brand, shaped by a passion for the ocean, driven by innovation, in pursuit of a sustainable future. Their Argonaut 3.0 drysuit uses the award-winning BIOMAP® system to create a bespoke pattern unique to the diver. Two specific photos of the diver, and a suit appears by magic! The suit is available in a choice of fabrics and colours that maximise flexibility and durability. New leg design allows perfect freedom of movement when diving in trim Our Summary: No contact, no tape measures, just 2 photos to produce a suit that is really comfortable with a great fit … and looks pretty good too!
Family run Otter Watersports began in 1986 in the upstairs room of an old Yorkshire mill. Otter Watersports has always been quality driven, each suit receiving a unique number to allow quality to be closely monitored throughout its manufacturing process Each suit is made by just one person, where traceability ensures constant quality. Otter pride themselves on designing suits for both recreational and professional divers, using quality materials and with numerous customisation options. They have been a stalwart of the British diving industry for years, and their suits have been very popular amongst club divers. Their range of neoprene and membrane suits means they can satisfy divers with varying budgets, although perhaps the most popular are the Atlantic and the Britannic MK2

Our summary: Pedigree for satisfying the UK club diving market due to their range of both neoprene and membrane suits. Attention to detail has been key to their success.

Poland based Santi is renowned for creating products by divers and for divers, thinking about their needs. Each smallest detail in SANTI products has a functional reason and keeps the highest possible quality standards. Each suit is individually cut, glued, and tested. No suit is identical, as it is personal to the diver in look, customisations, and fit. Even ‘standard’ sized divers will have the option for minor suit modifications. The difference between SANTI drysuits isn’t just about quality but the functionality of that suit for the purpose it is made for. Their suits are made out of a blend of different fabrics to prioritise flexibility and durability in areas where each matters most, with the option to personalise other features in multiple ways. This approach to detail will always be justifiably more expensive than a suit made out of a single type of fabric with standard seals.

Our Summary: The luxury suit you have dreamed of owning, individually tailored, well fitted, functional for technical or recreational divers, warm, dry, and looks great!

German based Scuba Force produce a range of suits that stand out due to their Overlay Protection System (OPS). The OPS adds to the robust nature and durability of their suits which are European made. They offer an excellent range customisation options as well as adjustments to standard size suits and a full made to measure service. The suits are extremely popular among tec divers and those ‘in the know’ as Scuba Force have a strong reputation for getting that ideal balance between agility and durability.

Our Summary: Europe’s best kept secret is now available in the UK, with an excellent support team behind it. Extremely robust but agile as a suit, with the added overlay protection on the most vulnerable areas.