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PADI Wreck Diver

The ocean houses centuries of history in the form of wrecks. UK waters are the home to some of the world’s most spectacular ship, plane, and submarine wrecks.

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As an added bonus, wrecks also house some of the most incredible marine life, meaning that a wreck dive has the double interest factor of the wreck structure and exploration as well as creatures and fish that live there.

During the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course you will gain the knowledge and experience to safely dive a wreck. You will learn how to map a wreck, identify potential penetration points and assess the various hazards that may be present.


The Wreck Specialty consists of four dives which take place over 2 days.

At your Instructor’s discretion the wreck dive from your Advanced Open Water course can be counted as one of the four dives.

Before the dives you will need to complete the specialist E-Learning

Your Instructor will then review the information with you at the dive site prior to your dives.

The information covered will include mapping, penetration, navigating through a wreck.


On dive one you will learn how to orientate yourself with the outside of the wreck, identifying potential hazards, practicing good buoyancy and finning techniques and navigating the wreck to return to the ascent point.

Using the skills from Dive 1, you will dive along the outside of a wreck whilst mapping it, determining it’s approximate size, marking points of interests and identifying potential entry points.


Working in buddy teams, in dive 3 you’ll practice the deployment and retrieval of a penetration line on the outside of a wreck, whilst holding a dive light and trying not to kick up the silt.

Finally on dive 4 You will plan and execute a penetration of the wreck, determining air supply and penetration limits. You will practice swimming without causing excessive silt disturbance and maintaining contact with the line whilst using a dive light.


  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or have a qualifying certification from another training organization similar to that of a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver).



  • Course tuition
  • E-Learning
  • First Air Fill
  • Certification


  • Transport (we will do our best to arrange lifts if needed)
  • Equipment Hire
  • Entrance to Dive Site – (2 days at £22 - £27payable directly to site).
  • Subsequent air fills (£4.50 – £7.50 payable directly to site).
  • Accommodation for Vobster / Stoney (approximately £30 per head based on 2 people sharing).


Either Vobster, Somerset or Stoney Cove

…or you can join one of the Aquanaut holidays such as Sharm El Sheikh. Contact us for more details.

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