Wet/Semi Dry Suit Buying Guide

Wet/Semi Dry Suit Buying Guide 2017-07-26T11:38:16+00:00

Very simply the best wet suit / semi dry is the one that fits you. Sizing charts are a useful guide, but nothing beats actually trying the suit on. The cut of each suit varies and different materials stretch and mould to you in different ways, so what may seem the right size on paper, may not be the best match for your body shape.

Also, if you don’t fit the ‘standard size charts’ don’t despair as we stock a number of ranges that are designed to fit real people, not the designer models – for example the ‘medium large short’ or the ladies ‘8 Tall’ !

The Aquanaut shop carries a full range of wet suits / semi drys from 9 maunfacturers in a range of sizes. Currently we have over 300 suits in stock.