Join us for our Social Night on May 10th at The Norbiton for a fascinating presentation by the Nautical Archaeology Society on ‘Underwater archaeology on England’s protected wrecks’

We will be hosting, Mark Beattie-Edwards, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nautical Archaeology Society. A graduate in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton, Mark has worked for the NAS for over 16 years and is the principle licence for two of England’s protected shipwrecks – the Holland No.5 submarine and the Norman’s Bay Wreck. The Holland No.5 is one of the first Royal Navy experimental submarines that helped change how wars at sea were fought in the early 20th century. The latter is a 17th century scatter of over 50 iron cannons in only 12 meters of water off the Sussex coast.

Mark is also the nominated archaeologist for the protected wreck of the London which blew up in the Thames Estuary in 1665 as recorded by Samuel Pepys in his diaries and has worked on the HMS m/A1 submarine (lost 1911), HMS Invincible (lost 1758), The wreck of the Dartmouth (lost 1690) in the Sound of Mull, and the medieval shipwrecks in St Peter Port Harbour, Guernsey.

Mark is an HSE commercial diver and a BSAC Advanced Diver, a passionate advocate for the encouragement of public access to our maritime heritage, an avid skier and a pretty mean lindy hop dancer (at least so he says).


Everyone welcome