It’s hard to explain why this is such a special destination and why it needs to be high on your radar for a dive trip. For me, the appeal is not just the world class diving, but the way the liveaboard is structured so you get a real chance to integrate with the local communities; venture on land to a local village, the food on the boat is all local produce etc.

The social night is your chance to find out more, and learn about s diving destination that is little known but holds some real treasures.

A nation of over 900 islands in the South Pacific known for its unexplored waters, pristine reefs, and World War II history, Solomon Islands are the destination for the real diving fan looking for a change of scenery, completely off the beaten track. Colourful, lush coral gardens, sea fans, decorative walls and caverns, combined with the most amazing marine life you have ever seen.


World-class scuba diving awaits you in the Solomon Islands in this true divers paradise and one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets. Solomon Islands is an island nation, located in the southwest Pacific and remains relatively untouched by influences of the modern world. Located on the western fringe of the Pacific, the Solomons comprise of 992 islands and coral islets spread across 1,000 miles. Only 147 islands are actually inhabited. There are six major islands: Guadalcanal, Malaita, New Georgia, Santa Isabel, Makira and Choiseul. As impressive as the Solomons Islands may be in terms of topside beauty and cultural attractions, the real attraction lies along the shallow coral reefs and Japanese WW2 shipwrecks around Guadalcanal.

So join us at the Norbiton, 8pm on 12th July to find out more about this exceptional and largely undiscovered destination