To kick off the new year we have 3 great social night talks. These are open to everyone, free to attend, and you are welcome to just come along and enjoy the evening whatever your experience and interest in diving.

January 9th – Diver’s Ear – Dr Mark Downs


Diver’s Ear – how barotrauma effects your ears and other air-filled spaces in your body. A presentation by Mark Downs.

Mark will also welcome (and hopefully answer) your barotrauma related and diving medical questions.

Mark is an approved medical examiner of divers for the UK Health & Safety Executive and an approved doctor for Oil & Gas UK for offshore medicals.

“Since 2001 I have enjoyed scuba diving. Naturally my job and hobby have tended to merge and I am now a HSE approved medical examiner of divers. It is always a privilege to be able to help fellow divers with medical problems, so that we can all develop our passion for diving together”.

February 13th – Descent Into Darkness …….. by Ian France

Descent Into Darkness 1 Descent Into Darkness 2Descent Into Darkness 3Overhead Diving is without doubt one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of diving you can undertake. Hidden beneath our feet is a whole new world of mystery and wonder waiting to be discovered – the Overhead Diver programs are your ticket to this magical world of underwater caves, mines, and wrecks…

Curious? Terrified? Not for you? Tempted? …… come long and find out what descent into darkness is really like, and the rewards.

March 13th – Scuba Equipment – how it works, why it doesn’t and how to keep it in good shape – Dean Carran 

Service Centre 3 Service Centre 4 Service Cenre 6Ever…….. :

Wondered what’s going on inside your regulator or cylinder? Wanted to understand the differences between regulator designs and what is right for you?  Been curious about what actually happens when your kit is serviced and why you get handed a ‘bag of bits’? Queried why you need kit serviced so frequently? Thought about what you could do to keep your equipment in tip top condition?

This evening discussion will answer all these questions and more.

The talks will all take place at the Norbiton and Dragon, starting at 8.15pm. They will be followed by sociable drinks in the bar!