The Norbiton, October 12th 2017 8pm

Whilst we love our UK diving at Aquanaut, and we all dream of that long haul trip of a lifetime, sometimes it would be nice to just jump on a plane for a couple of hours and arrive somewhere with a bit of sunshine and some great diving at very reasonable ££.

So this year the Aquanaut Team have been investigating some great European destinations on our doorstep, and partnering with some fantastic dive centres,  and wanted to take this chance to share our findings to either encourage you to join us on one of our trips, or perhaps put your own club trip together. In all cases the destinations are suitable for diver training and pleasure diving.

The destinations we are featuring on this evening are not the only diving hot spots around, but are ones we have had some amazing dives at and with high quality diving operations:

  • Lagos, Portugal
  • Murcia, Spain
  • Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
  • Malta, Gozo & Comino
  • North East Menorca
  • Ibiza

So come along to the Norbiton at 8pm to see where your next diving adventure will be!