Join us at 8pm on 13th July at The Norbiton as we are thrilled to be joined by Paul ‘Duxy’ Duxfield who will be talking to us about what you can achieve with inexpensive photo kit, buying second hand for the same price as a GoPro. He will be showing you that underwater photography is actually quite easy and can be inexpensive, as long as you make the right decisions at the outset.

He will advise on great video and stills, with all the proper control necessary to actually shoot underwater.

Photography expert, Paul Duxfield has a passion for photography in all its shapes and forms, but reserves a special place for Underwater Photography and Video, as it allows him to indulge another love of his life, diving.

Since returning from Egypt working as a guide in the early noughties, Duxy has been at the forefront of underwater photography technology and how it has changed the way we all now take underwater photographs.

Working as Sales Manager for the two leading underwater photography retailers, and more lately as the Photography Travel Specialist for a multi-award-winning dive travel agent, his light-hearted take on the diving world and underwater photography has resulted in him being a regular speaker at the Dive Shows and at clubs up and down the country, sharing his knowledge and experience with all levels and abilities of underwater photographer.

He likes nothing better than to get a beginner started on the route to rewarding pictures, and approaches the subject with an inclusive, rather than exclusive, manner.

He now has more than 40 escorted trips under his belt and is continuing to develop new ways to pass on the knowledge and share the love.

He can be found on Instagram and Twitter @takeiteasyduxy and Facebook as Take iT Easy.