This may not seem like the most joyful topic, but it is one that as divers we are all very mindful of. DCI is our ‘sports injury’ and it isn’t just as a result of staying too deep for way too long, or doing a rapid ascent.

Dr Mark Downs will be speaking about Decompression Illness including:

  • What is DCI
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • The cases you least expect.

chamberDr Mark Downs is an approved medical examiner of divers for the UK Health & Safety Executive and an approved doctor for Oil & Gas UK for offshore medicals. He is also a regular diver! He is able to bring his love of diving into his job and is always keen to help fellow divers with medical problems, so that we can all develop our passion for diving together.

Everyone is welcome to attend the talk on Thursday 11th June, so come and join us at the Norbiton and Dragon from 7.30pm. The talk will begin at 8pm.