DC1IMG_1492_edited-1IMG_1495_edited-1  IMG_1487_edited-1IMG_1480_edited-1Divers Cove, Godstone is a dive site newly opened to divers. The lake is just a stone’s throw from the M25 at Gostone.

On arrival there is a large gravel laid car park. Early arrivals are definitely advantaged, as those parked  further from the entrance have quite a long walk with kit!

The site is very much still under development but the team there are clearly very enthusiastic, welcoming and have a lot of ideas about how they can optimise the facilities there for dive training.

There is a cafe serving hot and cold drinks and cold snack style refreshments, and a large outdoor seating area which is quite picturesque in the Summer, as it is surrounded by trees and countryside.
The lake itself is a a fair walk downhill, but the site helpfully provide several trolleys to help you move kit. Access to the water is either by a shore entry or a very well constructed, stable jetty.


Underwater, the bottom composition is silty, and very similar to other local diving lakes. Typically the visibility is fine as long as you stay off the bottom and don’t kick it up. While we were there a couple of divers appeared to plough through the bottom leaving a rather large cloud in their wake! There are 2 large and stable platforms, and the Diver’s Cove team are planning to set up further platforms. Maximum depth (without burying my arm in the silt) that we achieved was 8.1m.

Fish life is limited, but we did see hundreds of tadpoles, and a couple of goldfish were even spotted. Also there are a few Thorpe Park cars and other weird creatures, the ‘spooky woods’ and apparently more to come. Seth even managed to find a couple of golf balls and perfected his Underwater Golf Ball Speciality (check out this video link)  Divers Cove – Golf Ball Speciality

Air should also be available soon.

The walk back up the hill was slightly less appealing but maneageable. All in all a fun day out and a change to visit a new site. Will we go back in the future? …… Most definitely, to see how the site progresses.

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