Sidemount vs Twinset
Help solve the biggest question in diving: What’s best sidemount or twinset?* It’s the question that doesn’t need an answer but if you’ve been wondered about which one might be best for you then here’s your opportunity: On Sunday 2nd of August Alex Griffin will be running some twinset and sidemount try dives at Wraysbury dive centre. There’ll be an intro to both styles of diving and a chance to have some fun and dive each setup. Of course you’re also welcome to come and try just one if you’re already qualified in the other. Oh and you’re also welcome to come if you’re on a rebreather and just want to hover silently in the background, building up your hours, like a suspicious onlooker in a public place.

The cost will be £30 to try both or £15 if you just want to try one of the systems. I’ve got limited spaces so let me know if you’d like to join!**

*Please note the question may remain unanswered at the end of the session.

**Please also note the cost includes tanks and tec kit but you’ll need to bring your own exposure suits, masks etc because none of us needs that kind of negativity in our lives.