Fancy a bit of seal action?

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15th / 16th October 2016, we are diving with and staying at the The Royal Britannia Hotel.

The dive area is at Lundy island which, in 1986, was made a statutory marine nature reserve. The island lies at the mouth of the Bristol Channel where the cool, clear, oceanic waters from the Gulf Stream mix with the clear, but warmer, waters from the Mediterranean.


The spacious boats have room for 12 divers to kit up at once, with ample space to store all the diving gear. There is a side gate on the boat for easy entry and a lift or ladder, making re-boarding hassle-free. The 20 mile passage to the Island takes about 1 hour, so sit back and watch out for the dolphins, porpoises and seals etc.

Lundy 2

There are over 40 dive sites around the island with a mix of wrecks, reefs, drop offs, and pinnacles. You can also dive with the seals which are extremely friendly.

All divers should be appropriately trained, qualified, and experienced. You must carry an SMB. 


Approx cost is £275 for 2 nights accommodation and 2 days diving on hard boat with lift.