While stocks last, Aquanaut is selling the Beuchat Voyager and the Voyager 2g computers for HALF PRICE. That means you can buy a dive computer from as little as £129, and a 2 gas computer for £179!




Beuchat Voyager










Both computers are jam packed with features:

Beuchat Voyager 2g – Was £359.95 NOW £179 ONLY ONE REMAINING
– Well designed with well placed buttons!
– Changing a mixture on a dive is as simple as pressing a button.
– Simple to follow screen menus
– Really clear display, easy to read
– Looks great, and a great price
– Possibility to activate a more restrictive programme with the addition of a prudence factor
– Ability to manage a deco stop
– Indicates a deco stop security

Beuchat Voyager – Was £259.95 NOW £129 SOLD OUT

The Beuchat Voyager diving computer is a great recreational dive computer which is easy and intuitive to use. 2 push-buttons enable the diver to switch between different information displays during the dive and to program the Voyager on the surface.
The Voyager has a whole range of different programmable functions (maximum depth alarm, maximum temperature alarm, PPO2, % O2,…) as well as a user replaceable battery.
The Voyager can during diving be used in 3 different modes;
– Air dive mode.
– Nitrox dive mode.
– Depth gauge + timer mode.

Please contact the shop for availability.