Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain, 2013

Date: 2nd – 9th, November 2013
Cost: £650 all in (excludes gas and flights)
Deposit: £250
Spaces: 12
This trip to Alicante is boat based diving for five days providing technical wreck diving around the Alicante region of The Mediterranean Sea. We will be looked after by some experienced locals. This trip is suitable for all levels of technical diver, both Open and Closed Circuit. If you are not suitability qualified yet, let us know as this will be an awesome trip to do you qualifying Technical dives!

For more details download the trip sheet SouthernSpainWreckDivingMatrix

The diving in Southern Spain has been described as amongst the best wreck diving in the world. We will be diving some classic wrecks which include:
SS Mardinian, she was a British steamer of 3322 tons. On May 19th, 1917, Mardinian, on a voyage from Calicut to London with general cargo, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine. She is upright and intact and sits in 55m with the bridge starting at about 35m and she has a gun on her stern and is one of the most popular dives.
SS Ville De Verdun was a 4500 ton French steamer sunk by u34 on the 6 Feb. 1918. She lies in 55m of water on her starboard side. She has 3 guns and is fairly in-tact. Entering her can be done but caution is required due to the levels of silt on the seabed. The massive con-rods can be seen clearly within in the wreck. The large 4-bladed propeller can be seen resting on the seabed.
SS Lilla was a 2300 ton steamer that was sunk in 1917 and sits upright in 45m se is a very pretty and popular dive and is a great ship to swim right through with good access to her engines and boilers.
SS Doris was a 3900 ton Italian steamer sunk in 1917, she lies upside down and broken in 47m and has an abundance of fish life and is a very enjoyable dive with holes for penetration.

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