Ian France Diving Matrix

At our social night on March 14th, Ian France from Diving Matrix will be running a short talk on  Open Circuit Strategies for diving for longer utilizing limited decompression and equipment configurations.

He will be discussing single tank, twinset and the “in vogue” sidemount setups. The content will be aimed at recreational divers, but there will also be some interesting info for Tec divers too! 8pm start at the Norbiton and Dragon.

Ian’s knowledge and diving background is diverse to say the least and should lead to a very interesting, if unusual evening! Initially motivated by his desire to pursue underwater archaeology, Ian spent every spare moment diving the fantastic wrecks around the UK. Ian soon realised that to grow and develop his passion – technical diving was the way forward. It was during this period, and hampered by the British coastal weather, that cave diving came to the forefront. Eventually, Ian managed to cross his love for the overhead environment and human history, and started to explore flooded mines.

Ian became a Technical Instructor in 2005, teaching open circuit programs up to Trimix and in 2008 he ran his first program using side mount equipment. Joining the ranks of IANTD instructors in 2009, Ian then achieved his target of becoming a full cave diving instructor. What really motivates Ian is the desire to pass on his experience and knowledge to students so that they too can discover the intrigue and delights of the underwater world and believes that the wrecks, caves, mines and unexplored areas of the world are accessible to all divers with the correct training, equipment and knowledge.

He now teaches as a partner at Diving Matrix and runs open circuit technical courses both here in the UK, France, Malta, Azores, Spain and Mexico.

All Welcome.
We hope to see you there!