Organised by Wraysbury Dive Centre and Suunto Diving UK, the schedule is out for this fantastic event on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June at Wraysbury Dive Centre!

The aim of this event is raise the profile of UK to those that either didn’t know you could or don’t how to enjoy the awesome diving around our coastline.
Aquanaut will be there in force. We would love you to join us for a dive, but if not please come along to meet and listen to some of these inspirational, passionate speakers. Entry is free for those not diving.

The exclusive line up for Saturday is:

11:00 – 11:45 Bryan Stanislas – Bryan is an OC/CCR Professional Media Diver, Underwater Cameraman and Diving Instructor. He became interested in the marine environment as a young snorkeler while on family holidays. Inspired by the adventures of Jaques Cousteau on Saturday morning TV back when there were just 3 TV channels to choose from. By 14 he qualified as a BSAC Novice Diver and this lead onto becoming a diving Instructor in his 20’s. His love of underwater filming and the British Coastline came together, and he has honed his skills as an underwater camera operator over the last 25 plus years around the Great British Shoreline. His excitement for our fabulous marine environment is captured in the DiveOnline.Tv series Bryan And Rob’s Great BRITISH Shore Dives, sponsored by SUUNTO, and highlights some of the easiest and best Shore Dives available. His talk reveals his love of UK diving, documents his humble beginnings into the sport as well as excerpts of his adventures making the self-shot series for DiveOnline.Tv

12:00 – 12:45 Graham Hockley – Teaching in a School that was a 2-minute walk from the local beach, Graham created the first ‘Rock Pooling Club’ after school provision. On the back of the popularity of this, Graham gained a qualification that created North Devon’s first and only ‘Sea School’. The aim of this was to educate and inspire the children to understand their coastline, developing a sense of guardianship and helping to conserve it. He has worked closely with local environmental organisations which has led to gaining awards and published sea shore guides.

13:00 – 13:45 Andy Rose – Andy’s true passion is investigating the East Anglian coastline. He is also the current licence holder on the Dunwich Bank Historic Wreck site which, from the gun recovered in the 90’s, could date to around the time of the Spanish Armada. The little dived East Anglian coast has a rich sea trading history and is littered with shipwrecks and maritime history it is also home to the stunning Norfolk Chalk Reefs that can be dived as shore dives. There are even tales and facts of real treasure ships that the continually moving sands have yet to give up. You never know, dive this coast and “it Could be You”.

14:00 – 14:45 Gavin Newman

15:15 – 15:45 Rich Foster – Rich joined the University Of Portsmouth Sub-Aqua Club (UPSAC) by accident at Fresher’s Fayre 22 years ago and has been an active part of the Club since then. Having qualified as an instructor, powerboat instructor and CCR diver, Rich has dived extensively in the UK, especially wreck diving and organised many trips and expeditions with UPSAC, giving new divers experience of what the UK coast has to offer. Over the years he has taken an active role in running the club, from Treasurer to Diving Officer, as well as being part of the instructing team that trains over 40 divers every year, across many qualifications, he is a big proponent of the Club Diving System and the positive development and impact it has on divers, young and old.

16:00 – 16:45 Andy Torbet – Andy Torbet is a professional underwater explorer, cave and technical diver and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. At last count he’s written over 200 articles and presented on 21 TV series including programmes which saw him dive HMHS Britannic, under iceberg in the Arctic, inside glaciers in Greenland, freedive under Alaskan ice, with giant spider crabs in Japan, pilot the Oceanworks 1ATM Hardsuit and dive shipwrecks and caves all around the world. He’s been lead diver and supervisor on a number of archaeological and scientific expeditions and spent 10 years in the British Forces where one of his roles was commander of the Army’s Underwater Bomb Disposal Unit.

18:00 – 21:30 Film/BBQ
21:30 – 21:45 Fireworks
22:00 Close

We look forward to seeing you all then!