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This is designed as a shallow dive weekend to enable divers to check out kit before the season starts, or to log their first UK Sea dives. Maximum depth will be 18m.

Divers will need to be drysuit trained and have deployed a DSMB.

The weekend will consist of 4 dives, and and 2 nights B&B overnight on the Friday & Saturday at the Hotel Aqua in Portland.

We will be diving with Dive Beyond who have two 7.9m ribs of their own. And YES their ribs have ladders so you don’t have to do the less than elegant rib-wriggle to get back on board. Portland has some of the finest diving in the UK with hundreds of dive sites.

Dive sites will be decided nearer the time, but they will be in and around the harbour area. We hope to get out to dive the Black Hawk, a shallow wreck with lots of life, including lobster, tom-pot blennies, nudibranchs and cookoo wrasse. Weather permitting, we’ll show you how to dive for Scallops, how to spot Nudibranchs and snoop out the elusive but beautiful Conga Eels.

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