Need to learn basic skills to edit your underwater photos? Its easy to use the Adobe Lightroom software… If your names Duxy!
Taking pictures is half the task editing your photos is what takes the time. Duxy and Phil will be visiting here at Aquanaut to talk us through the basics.

If your shooting with a relatively modern camera then you may well have brought one that shoots in RAW. Shooting n RAW really comes to it’s own when you edit your shots afterwards. It doesn’t take long to learn how to edit your photos, infact Duxy will have you up and running with the basics in a day! The more advanced techniques will arm you with quite sophisticated skills over another days, fun and easy tuition.

Saturday 28th October- Starting out with Lightroom- £125
You will learn-
– What Lightroom is and why it’s so popular with photographers.
– Importing pictures, applying keywords and your personal information to your picture.
– Lightroom libary module, smart collections and why you need to use them.
– The lightroom Develop module for basic cropping, colour and exposure control.
– Fine tuning your colour and exposure within the Develop Module
– Basic sharpening and noise reduction
– Exporting your pictures for printing or the web, watermarking and making presents for this.
– Questions and a quick demo of Intermediate/Advanced course.

Sunday 29th October- Intermediate and Advanced Lightroom Day-£125
You will learn-
– Quick recap of the basics with respect to cropping and colour correction.
– The toolbar and how to control brushes, graduated and radical filters.
– Applying localised effects using the variety of tools at your disposal.
– HighDynamicRange and Panorama production using Lightroom.
– Setting up Photoshop to work within your Lightroom workflow.
– Why doing this is very useful to you.
– Clever tricks to use Photoshop using Content Aware Technology.
– Sharpening and large scale spot and object removal within Photoshop.
– Free form editing and specific advice session using your own shots.

If you decided you would like to join us for both days please note the cost will be £200. There is very limited avaliabily for this course, so please if you wish to join us on either of the days please give Lynne a call on 020 8546 8882.

If you have any questions please email us at and we will pass on any technical questions to the pros Phil and Duxy!