Join Aquanaut on June 9th 2016 at the Albert Pub, Kingston Hill 8pm.

Dive Worldwide Antartica Dive Worldwide  Charlie Munns will be joining us to talk about some of the planet’s most unusual dive destinations and how you can actually arrange to investigate them yourself!

Dive Worldwide offer tailor made trips to remote and far-flung destinations with liveaboards, resorts, and dive centres the world over. Their vision has always been to offer new and exciting destinations that were not readily available to the UK diver.

Dive Worldwide Japan





So why not come down to our social night and find out about destinations such as:

  • Japan
  • Antartica
  • Tonga
  • Columbia
  • Madagascar

….. to name a few.

Everyone is welcome at this social event, so indulge your wanderlust!

Dive Worldwide Socorro