29 divers met at London St Pancras on the early hours of Saturday morning (well 8am to be precise) for what was to be an awesome weekend of diving and socialising.

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Our thanks to Martin Sigston for helping to organise this expedition as without his help the trip would never have happened. We did 2 dives at Nemo on the Saturday – for those that don’t know, Nemo is the deepest diving pool in the world, with a bottom at 35m. The water is toasty warm, so no wetsuits needed.

For the first dive we all got kitted up, and whilst eveyone was busy kitting up and doing buddy checks, Lynne and Matt had already bombed down to the bottom, where they were eventually discovered about 5 minutes later lying looking up at the surface watching everyone as they descended! Strangely enough the same thing seemed to happen on the second dive too!

Nemo has uderwater ‘caves’ where you can surface at about 10m and have a chat with your buddy, and then a 10m and 5m level perfect for safety stops, posing for the camera and doing Martin’s hair.

IMG_0830 Cactus Beer at DeleriumWhere did it all go so wrong

Diving over, there was only one option – Beer!

After a really sociable meal, a few hardy individuals took themselves off to a local Irish Bar ….where they stayed until 4am!

A breakfast requirement of waffles was very much in order for some, ready to face the cactus beer and then a wonderful meal at a traditional local restaurant. With much of the day also available for sightseeing (or more beer drinking) everyone was able to make the most of their trip.

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