Yes you did read that correctly! – Offer open to Individuals AND Clubs 

– Do you have an old set of regulators that you think may not be worth servicing? It may be cheaper to buy new!

– Are you a club with a growing collection of old kit that needs renewing?

– Did you make a random purchase on ebay that didn’t quite meet expectations?

– Is it now just time to upgrade your equipment?

With this offer you will receive 40% off the RRP of a new Apeks or Aqualung regulator when you trade in any old one at Aquanaut*. That means you could purchase a brand new first stage, second stage and octo for as little as £188.

APEKS Regulator Offer Advert2016

AQUALUNG Regulator Offer Advert












Here are some examples of what you could purchase with this deal:

  RRP Trade in 40% off
Aqualung Legend LUX Supreme + Legend Octo £818 £490
Aqualung LX Supreme + Legend Octo £633 £380
Aqualung Core + Core Octo £330 £198
Aqualung Mikron + Mikron Octo £432 £259
Apeks XTX 200 + XTX 40 Octo £695 £417
Apeks XTX 50 + XTX 50 Octo £582 £349
Apeks ATX 40 + ATX 40 Octo £314 £188
Apeks Flight + Flight Octo £540 £324

How does it work?

Option 1 – Bring your old regulator into the Aquanaut Shop and we will do everything for you

Option 2 – Complete the form on the Aqualung UK or Apeks UK site, you will be issued with a code and you then bring that into the Aquanaut store.

For full details click here

* Terms and conditions apply