30% off All Atomic Regulators … but hurry as this only applies in store until Friday 31st March 2017

Aquanaut are offering 30% off ALL Atomic Regulators until Friday 31st March. So if you have been thinking about purchasing one, now is the time!

To give you an idea of the savings you could make, here are some package suggestions:

Atomic Regulator Packages 30% Off
Z2 + Z2 Octo £384
Z3 + Z2 Octo £442
B2 + Z2 Octo £534
M1 + M1 Octo £551
ST1 + Z2 Octo £622
T3 + T2 Octo £1,087

So pop into the Aquanaut shop or call us to place your order soon, as this offer is not available online!